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***2023.05*** Kabaya Pure&Natural Gummy Apple Candy 雙層棉花軟糖 蘋果味


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雙層軟糖,不同口感,外層柔軟蓬鬆,內層有彈性。 從打開袋子就能聞到濃濃的水果,特別的軟糖口感,既柔軟又蓬鬆,酸酸甜甜的蘋果好滋味。

Double-layer fudge with different textures, the outer layer is soft and fluffy, and the inner layer is elastic. From the moment you open the bag, you can smell the strong fruit, the special fudge taste, soft and fluffy, and the sweet and sour taste of apples.


Best Before : 2023.05