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Lupicia White Peach Green Tea 白桃煎茶 (10)


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BATON means “stick” in French. It is a handy powder type tea that you can enjoy authentic taste anytime, anywhere, such as at home, at work, or on the go. The stick-shaped package is convenient to carry.

For your home, of course, the chic package is also recommended as a gift.

White Peach Sencha: A green tea with a sweet and fresh scent reminiscent of freshly picked white peach. It has a fruity and elegant taste.

  • Discerning sugar-free. Taste and sweetness to your liking.
    Made with a focus on bringing out the original flavor of tea. You can make your own cup by adjusting it to your liking because it is a taste that does not cheat.
  • Instantly dissolves in both hot and cold water.
    It dissolves easily in both hot and cold water, so you can easily enjoy tea anytime, anywhere. Stick type that is convenient to carry.
  • Rich flavors that you can choose according to the occasion and mood.

BATON在法語中是“棍子”的意思。 無論是在家、在公司還是在旅途中,無論何時何地都可以享受到正宗味道的方便的粉末型茶。 棒狀包裝方便攜帶。


白桃煎茶:一種綠茶,帶有一種甜美清新的香味,讓人聯想到新鮮採摘的白桃。 它具有果味和優雅的味道。

  • 挑剔的無糖。 口味和甜度根據自己的喜好。
  • 專注於帶出茶的原始風味。 您可以根據自己的喜好調整自己的杯子,因為這是一種不會作弊的味道。
  • 它易溶於熱水和冷水,因此您可以隨時隨地輕鬆享用茶。 攜帶方便的棒型。