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Pair Acne Creamy Foam (Face Wash) 獅王去痘洗面乳


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A hypoallergenic medicinal face wash that gently cleans away the causes of skin troubles (pimples) down to the depths of pores without removing moisture.
Contains sterilizing & anti-inflammatory ingredients, preventing skin troubles (pimples).
Penetrates down to the stratum corneum, making your skin finely toned and moisturized.
Hypoallergenic, with cleaning ingredients that are kind to the skin.
The fine lather gently washes and doesn’t make your skin feel tight.
Contents: 80g

1. 配合殺菌消炎成分,徹底清除毛孔的污垢和多餘的皮脂,營造一個健康的肌膚環境
2. 配合植物潔淨成分,不傷肌膚,低刺激性
3. 細膩的泡沫溫和保護肌膚,不會產生繃緊的感覺
4. 消炎成分異丙基甲基酚,甘草酸二鉀,可以快速滲透痘痘根部,清除污垢,徹底清除毛孔的污垢
5. 弱酸性,接近皮膚PH值,低刺激性
6. 含保濕成分,大豆異黃酮,維生素C的衍生物,深入滲透角質層,肌膚細膩滋潤