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PH Japan Premium Feminine Wash – 3 Types PH 日本高級女性洗液


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  • PH Japan Premium Feminine Wash PH 日本高級女性洗液
  • Product Details

    PH JAPAN feminine wash is the same skin component as a woman’s delicate zone (weakly acidic pH 5).
    There is no irritation at the time of washing, only excess dirt is removed and the original skin condition is maintained.
    In addition, hyaluronic acid and collagen, five kinds of botanical extract (moisturizing ingredient) hold the moisture tightly and keep it moist and refreshing.
    Keeping the delicate zone clean, you can prevent dryness, moisture, odor, itching, etc. that cause troubles with daily care.
    Get fairer intimate skin while maintaining natural moisture.

  • Directions

    First, lightly wet your skin.
    Washing the skin first is necessary to remove large dirt and to improve foaming.
    Take PH JAPAN feminine wash approximately coin (approximately 2ml) in hand.
    Make sure to take the appropriate amount.
    After bubbling firmly, carefully and gently wash the delicate zone without rubbing.
    The trick is to wash gently while moving your hands like circles.
    After use, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Scents 香味

Passionate Bloom 玫瑰花香, Powder mint 薄荷香, Shower Splash 梔子花香