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***2023.10*** Pillbox Kaoru Body Fragrance – Rose & Lemon & Peach 日本香體糖 – 玫瑰&檸檬&桃


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BBF : 2023.10

Weather your going to an appointment, a meeting, or a social gathering, you will get a boost of good body odor confidence with Kaoru Fragrance Body Balls.

Kaoru is a fragrance supplement which comes in the form of a soft capsule packed with fragrance oil.

  • Small and compact design, easy to bring wherever you go. 
  • 100% Bulgarian Damask Rose Oil used. 
  • Easy to swallow.

How to use:

Take 1-3 capsules orally with water and do not chew. Within 15 minutes you will have the charming body scent of Kaoru; the duration of our fragrance is about 3 hours. In addition to the bad breath and fragrance, KAORU Fragrance Ball will also regulate endocrine and soothe your mood. KAORU Body Fragrance Balls comes packed in compact and easy to carry packaging for convenience.


Made in Japan