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Sasaya Hokkaido Squid Shiokara / box 北海道笹谷商店鹽辛花枝/ 盒


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いか塩辛 釧路港 パック130g (北海道産)


We’re diving into one of Japan’s traditional foods, shiokara. It’s known as “chinmi” or “a rare taste”, and once you learn more about it, you’ll be intrigued as well.  Shiokara are seafood fermented in their own viscera, salted and seasoned. The most common shiokara, called ika no shiokara, is made from small squid that are plentifully available off the coast of Japan. 

Shiokara, especially ika no shiokara, is said to have become a popular dish in the 11th century as a source of protein, fats and vitamin D during winter months when food was scarce.  The entire fermentation process took between a week to ten days, so shiokara could be replenished easily.  Primarily eaten with rice, a small but complete meal could be had.