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Suehiro Double Brewed Sashimi Soy Sauce 末廣雙重釀造刺身用醬油


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再仕込みさしみ醤油 150ml瓶


Suehiro’s Double Brewed Sashimi Soy Sauce is great for sashimi sushi, to season soups, simmered dishes, and almost anything you can think of.  Produced from 100% Japanese-grown soybeans, wheat and natural sea salt.

Suehiro’s Double Brewed Soy Sauce has a deeper and softer flavor than typical soy sauce. To make double brewed (saishikomi) soy sauce, first Suehiro makes a ‘regular’ batch using soybeans, wheat, salt, water & koji.  They then brew another batch of soy sauce (saishikomi), except this time Suehiro omits the salt and water and instead uses the first batch of soy sauce. This results in a more complex umami flavor and a slightly thicker texture than regular soy sauce.  It is less also less salty than regular soy sauce.