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UHA Youki Grape Candy 柚木葡萄糖


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uicy texture the more you chew
We pursued the “texture” that is the most characteristic of Kororo. The uniquely formulated formulation and the texture created by the collagen on the outside are patented. You can taste the juicy texture and enjoy the refreshing and juicy soda gummy as you chew.

Soda flavor
It is a soda flavor that is popular with a wide range of generations. The aftertaste is refreshing, and you can enjoy the juicy and refreshing taste only for Kororo.

Product description
Brand: UHA Mikakuto Co., Ltd.
Product of: JAPAN
Ingredients: Sugar, raffinose, starch syrup, starch, grape extract, dextrin, grape juice, green tangerine powder / sweetener (xylitol), vitamin C, fragrance, acidulant, thickener (Arabic gum), sucrose ester, colorant (cutinashi) ), Emulsifier, antioxidant (enzyme-treated rutin), (including some soybeans)


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